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सर्वे जनाः सुखिनो भवन्तु

सत्यं वद । धर्मं चर

veda samskruti samiti

Grandha Parichaya

VSS-Granthaparichayapariyojana.May 23.pdf”

Use this link and fill up the form 👇 to register your name to participate(no fee) in the project “GRANTHA PARICHAYA PARIYOJANAA”

Time is up to 30th Sep 2023.
Shubham bhooyaat
A H Prabhakara Rao
Founder & President
Veda Samskruti Samiti

NOTE: PL. See Editorial Page in the above website for more information.

Veda Samskruti Samiti started the project of “Granthaparichayapraiyojana” to develop research scholars and encourage existing research scholar students in Samskrita Veda Vaangmayam.
If you are well learned samskrita scholar , your self can attempt to prepare a book review paper and submit.
If you are learner of samskritam then also you can do under guidence of a learned samskrita scholar or veda pundit or by reading a good book with word to word meanings and taatparyam(purport) of good author written with bhaarateeya sanaatana dharma lens.
VSS is willing to arrange a guide for you , if you are willing to work under a learned guru.

Pl work with self motivation and inspiration for a good cause.

Shubham bhooyaat
A H Prabhakara Rao
Founder& President
Veda Samskruti Samiti.
Whatsapp nr.9246572182
Direct nr.
Dr. Col. Babu AA
Vice President
Veda Samskruti Samiti

Pl propagate among various scholars of different branches. Samakritam, Veda Science , Managenent and Administration who respect Sanaatana Dharma. Please go through the document in below link for more details