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Special Groups

Special Groups

We reach out to the challenged individuals with the objective of training them in Activities of Daily Living (A.D.L) and building a two way communication.

Special Group Services


Activities of Daily Living Training

Our Special Groups focus on practical, real-life skills that are essential for independent living. Activities of Daily Living (A.D.L) training encompasses a range of tasks, including personal hygiene, meal preparation, and household chores. Through tailored programs, we empower individuals to enhance their self-sufficiency in these fundamental aspects of daily life.


Building Two-Way Communication

Communication is at the heart of human connection. In our specialized groups, we place a strong emphasis on building a two-way communication system. Whether through verbal, non-verbal, or alternative communication methods, our goal is to create an environment where individuals can express themselves and engage in meaningful interactions.


Practical and Applicable Learning

Learning in our Special Groups is practical and applicable to real-life situations. We believe in equipping individuals with skills that they can directly apply to enhance their independence. From personal grooming to navigating daily routines, our programs provide hands-on experiences for practical learning.


Holistic Development

Our approach goes beyond the immediate goals of A.D.L training and communication skills. We strive for holistic development, considering the overall well-being of individuals in our special groups. This includes promoting emotional resilience, fostering social connections, and nurturing a positive self-image.


Supportive and Inclusive Environment

Creating a supportive and inclusive environment is a key aspect of our Special Groups. Participants engage in a community that understands and embraces diversity, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

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