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Vocational Learning

Vocational Learning

The vocational learning that we conduct begins at the age of 16, and wherein they learn quite a lot of skills and pre-vocational activities. These vocational training helps them to be skillful and showcase their ability. We have vocational training, which begins at the age of 18 and have the following training formats :
Handmade Paper Bags

Vocational Learning Services


Early Skill Development

We believe in the power of early intervention. Our vocational learning initiatives commence at the age of 16, ensuring that individuals have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills during their formative years. This early exposure sets the foundation for a successful transition into vocational training.


Skillful Showcasing

Our programs focus not only on skill acquisition but also on empowering individuals to showcase their unique abilities. Through hands-on learning experiences, participants gain confidence and proficiency in various vocational domains, setting the stage for future success.



In our tailoring program, participants delve into the art of fabric manipulation, pattern-making, and sewing. Whether it's creating clothing items or accessories, we provide a comprehensive learning environment that nurtures creativity and craftsmanship.


Handmade Paper Bags

The art of crafting handmade paper bags is not just a skill but a sustainable and eco-friendly endeavor. Participants in this program learn the techniques of paper crafting, design, and assembly, contributing to both personal skill development and environmental consciousness.



Our handicrafts training explores a range of traditional and contemporary craft techniques. From creating beautiful artifacts to functional items, participants engage in the rich world of handicrafts, fostering creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

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