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सर्वे जनाः सुखिनो भवन्तु

सत्यं वद । धर्मं चर


Bruhadaaranyakopanishat: shukla yajurvedam-satapatha braahmana is basis for this. Last 6 chapters are this upanishat. bruhadaaranyakam itself is called as bruhadaaranyakopanishat. Not only in establishing knowledge, but it is also big in size as the name says. In this, upanishat portion is more than aaranyaka. There are eight chapters in this. The first two chapters deal with karma kaanda only, and upanishat ie jnaanakaanda is given from 3rd chapter to 8th chapter.

  • First adhyaayam/chapter speaks about the influence of mrutyu on all items. The importance of “lifepraanam-srushti” is explained. The best advises – asatoma sadgamaya| tamasoma jyotirgamaya| mrutyorma amrutangamaya – are given here.
  • Second chapter: In Second chapter there are, gaargya, kaasheeraaja – ajaatashatru discussions, moorta and amoorta  forms of brahma and madhu vidyaa. There is a story of yaajnavalkya and his two wives kaatyaayini and
  • Third chapter; janaka sabhaa, yaajnavalkya’s victory over all philosophers is given, gaargee declares yaagnavalkya as brhmajnaani. antaryaami vidyaa and akshara brahma are explained here.
  • Fourth Chapter: janaka gets brahma jnaanam from
  • Fifth Chapter: Morales, srushti, eternal lokas, are detailed here. The shaanti mantraom poorna midam poorna madah……” is given here.
  • Sixth chapter: There are pravahana, jaabaali, shvetaketu, uddaalaka and aarunih discussions.
  • This upanishat says – ekaaki na ramate| dviteeyaatvai bhayam bhavati| brahma vaa idamagra aaseet|