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सर्वे जनाः सुखिनो भवन्तु

सत्यं वद । धर्मं चर

Harih OM

Samskrutam Classes:AUG,2024 Batch.

Pl reply to:W.APP Nr. No direct calls pl.


  • Pl circulate among your contacts.
  • Veda Samskruti Samiti (VSS) Conducting Free coaching for Samskrita Bharati: Pravesah , Parichaya, Shikshaa and Kovida Samskritam certificate courses for Aug 2024 Batch.
  • Classes will start for evening batch,from 11 march,2024. And Morning batch from 16thApril, 2024.
  • Procedure for Registration: Only for New Students. Not applicable to our old students.
6.Faith: (Expected answer-Sanaatanadharama or Veda Samskruti or Hindu)
7.Mobile nr. Whatsapp:
8.Email id:
9.Mother tongue:
10.Medium of coaching required: English or Telugu or Hindi:
11.Course opted:Pravesah/Parichay/Shikshaa/Kovida: (tick any one please)
12 A.Morning Batch: (5.30AM to 7.30AM,IST, Two days per week):Yes/No
12 B.Evening Batch: ( 8.30PM to 10.30PM, IST, Two days per week):Yes/no

Post To: Whatsapp nr. 9246572182.Phone calls only in Whats App. Pl do not make direct calls.

  • Pl.circulate, among your contacts.
  • Classes Schedules, as follows:
  • Veda Samskruti Samiti (VSS) Conducting Free coaching for Samskrita Bharati: Pravesah(Level-1) , Parichaya(L-2), Shikshaa(L-3) and Kovida(L-4) Samskritam certificate courses for Aug2024 Batch, by Google Meet/Zoom meet links as follows:

Classes By Sri A H Prabhakara Rao

A.Evening Classes:

Timing daily

8.30 to 10.30 PM, IST. Daily


  • Classes schedule Starting :from 11th, Mar. 2024 to 14th Aug 2024
  • Classes schedules: Wednesday..Pravesah
  • Tuesday & Friday…Parichay
  • Thursday…shikshaa
  • Saturday…Kovida.
  • B. Morning Classes:
  • 5.30AM to 7.00AM, IST.
  • Classes starting from 16th Apr,2024.
  • Tuesday &wednesday: Pravesah
  • Thursday & Friday: Parichay
  • Classes by Dr. S(T) Visalakshi, Vice President, Veda Samskruti Samiti.
  • Timing 8PM to 10PM IST. Starting from 18th Mar,2024 To 14th Aug. Zoom Link
  • Class Schedules:
  • Monday…Pravesah
  • Tuesday…Shikshaa
  • Wednesday…Kovida
  • Spl. Note:
  • Inauguration for all Pravesah course students.
  • Evening Batch.11th MAR.2024, Monday
  • Morning batch. 15th APR.2024, Monday
  • Link to join classes will be posted by 8th Mar, 24. in the groups in which your name will be registered.
  • For more details on VSS pl see the website:
  • Pl, circulate among your contacts.
  • Shubham bhooyaat.
  • HariH OM
  • Samskrita classes–Starting dates
  • 11th Mar.2024, 8.30pm IST, Monday , Pravesah/ Level-1..evening batch
  • 16th April, 2024,5.30am IST, Tuesday, Pravesah/ Level1..morning batch
  • 12th Mar,2024, 8.30PM IST, Tuesday, Parichay/ Level-2, evening batch ,
  • 17th April ,2024, 5.30am IST , Monday, Parichay/Level-2, morning batch.
  • 14th Mar,2024, 8.30pm,, IST, Thursday Shiksha/Level-3,evening batch.,
  • 16th March, 2024,8-30PM, IST,  Saturday ,Kovida /Level-4, evening batch.
  • Shiksha and Kovida Morning batch dates: based on the requirement and response from the candidates, the decision will be taken on the first day of that class.
  • A H Prabhakara Rao
  • PS. Link for joining class will be given on 8th March , 2024..
  • Claases by Dr. Visalakshi Garu,
  • 1.Pravesah class starts on 18th  Mar,2024 Monday , Evening 8.00Pm IST
  • 2.Shikshaa class starts on 19th March, Tuesday, Evening 8pm to 10pm IST.
  • 2.Kovida Class starts on 20th Mar,2024, Wednesday, Evening 8PM IST.
  • Zoom Link will be provided 8th Mar,2024.
  • of Dr.Visalakshigaru:
  • +91 99639 64033
  • “Geetaa Paaraayana “. Geetaa Paaraayana and other dharmikagranthapaaraayana will be daily from 7.30 PM to 8.30PM IST. all can attend these classes.
  • Online classes will be conducted via google meet and zoom.
  • Sri. A H Prabhakara Rao
  • Founder & President
  • Veda Samskruti Samiti
  • w.No.9246572182. Pl call in whatsapp only.

“Geetaa Paaraayana “. Geetaa Paaraayana and other dharmika grantha paaraayana will be daily from 7.30 PM to 8.30PM IST. all can attend these classes

On line classes will be conducted in google meet and zoom

Free Sanskrit coaching for Pravesh , Parichaya, Shikshaa and Kovida examination of Samskrita Bharati by Sri. Akella Hema Kanta Prabhakara Rao and Dr. S(T) Visalakshi are in progess

Weekly webinars on Various topics of Sanaatana Dharma are being conducted on every Sunday. Papers submitted by various authors are being presented by the authors.